magda mila

“Wild Nights” Series:


Volume 1: „Wolf. The Jonathan’s Story”

An overpowering, predatory, determined man. He always gets what he’s after and tears up anybody who threatens him or his close ones. When his path is crossed by a strong and independent woman, Jonathan is in the running for great fun. What he doesn’t know is that Inez is up for anything to save her dream.

They both enter into a dramatic game. An incredibly exciting struggle set in the BDSM world leads them to previously undiscovered nooks and crannies of their own souls. They cross borders and unravel previously dormant desires and passions. Is there a chance for victory in such a fiery game? Will their deal change their lives forever?

This book reminds me of a crazy hands-free rollercoaster ride where nothing is simple, clear-cut or obvious. The author pulls us into a dark and intriguing world of dominance and subordination, serving us a difficult to tame game played at very high stakes. The highest of all. Who will win, and who will lose? See for yourself. Beyond argument, the hottest premiere of this year!” Krystyna Meszka – Literacki Świat Cyrysi

A book hotter than hell itself. Once more, Magda Mila has proven that she can create a hot, passionate story that does not diverge from world’s best sellers. Will you allow yourselves to be pulled into the dangerous game played by the protagonists of ‘Wolf’?” Ewelina Nawara – My fairy book world

Volume 2: „Cat. The Natasha’s Story”

A beautiful and extremely effective lawyer must protect her boss from prison. Her opponent is a police officer who. . . she has once dreamt of. Natasha decides to reach for the weapon that’s never failed her before – she will seduce and tame him, especially given the fact that she’s one of the best dominatrices after hours. Little does she know that Iwo is the guy who won’t give in to her – and surely not in any way she has come to know.

They have conflicting goals and desires. And when it seems that there’s a fraction of a chance for a happy ending for both, deeply hidden secrets begin to unravel. “Cat” is a bold story about forceful passion that shakes the world of both protagonists. But there’s no future. Or is there?

“’Cat’ is a unique and captivating story about the clash of two exceptionally authoritative personalities which are not willing to give up on a previously established plan. Reason or heart – what will win? Adventurism or pragmatism? Only uncertainty is sure. Prepare for a great read that will utterly eat you up!” Krystyna Meszka – Literacki Świat Cyrysi

“’Cat’ is a book where danger intertwines with passion and intrigue with sex. It’s also a story of complicated emotions which shows that the right people can help you find meaning in life. I highly recommend it!” Ewelina Nawara – My fairy book world

Once again, Magda Mila seduces, fascinates and awakens the senses. ‘Cat’ is a passionate and mystery-packed story that you cannot pass by indifferently,” Sylwia Stawska – Kobiece recenzje

Magda Mila has stepped forward confidently into the Polish book market and conquered it with her debut. Here’s an author that our indigenous scene of erotic literature has been waiting for – she touches on the controversial topic of BDSM without primness and with taste, thanks to which the reader is given a noteworthy erotic novel instead of pornography. Low and behold, it’s guaranteed to make you flush!” Natalia Pych,

Volume 3: „Tiger. The Alex’s Story”

Alex had a perfect life – friends, work, sport. And sex, of course. Lots of it – threesomes, orgiettes. . . A simple, pleasant and commitment-free life. It was supposed to be like this forever. He never intended to love again. And certainly not her – the woman who could ruin everything he had.

But sometimes even the toughest guy gives in – first to lust, then to feelings. And even the most reasonable woman will risk it all to feel emotions which she has never known before. It seems that they have nothing in common, yet they turn out to be very similar.

Can they be together? Absolutely not. But how does one live without true happiness, when you’ve already tasted it once?

Another wonderful literary feast at a lavishly set table, full of dirty tricks, frenzies, tension, wild desires, understatements and secrets. An effective and edgy presentation of what happens when strong feelings between two people come into play; we shall look in vain for common sense. Take my word for it – you’ll love it!” Krystyna Meszka –

Do not be fooled by the predatory title and cover, the inside of the latest novel by Magda Mila is a romantic torpedo with a dominant question: is this friendship, or is this love? Fans of powerful amorous experiences will love it. I guarrrrrantee :)” Dominika Matuła –

If you think that Magda Mila has already said her last word, you’re sorely mistaken. ‘Tiger’ won’t let you take a break for even a second, and you are bound to feel those emotions long after finishing it. I highly recommend it!” – Paulina Nowaczyk – 1001 Romansów